Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Hi Everybody!!
Welcome to the September Files we will review of the 2014 Hummingbird Migration at the location of Kates Cabin (Private) Bird Sanctuary in Northern Waller County, Texas. During August the birds arriving built to numbers of several hundred. In September they all seem to have the same thing in mind: Eat and eat some more to gain weight! They eat nectar from flowers and the feeders, but feast on tiny white flies. For the remainder of the Migration Photos, I will not be sharing info from other sites on the web. I have too many photos to share! Enjoy! 

Good Morning!
The following photos were taken in a one hour time frame on the morning of September 1. There are many birds here.

Everybody is hungry on this first of September. Notice how round some of the bellies are!

Link to PhotoAlbum at G+:

This is a female I call Elisabeth. She shows up in many photos as she is a showoff for the camera! She has a very white underside.

Yes, the bees are still here.

A Turkey Platter of sugar water draws the bees off the feeders.

Notice this is not a fancy place. It is a small clearing in the woods
 with flowerbeds around it. I am sitting at a glass table with 4 chairs
under a portable  canopy.

Here is the feeder hanging on the swing in front of a big tree.

I took the above series of photos in one minute. Auto Awesome put them all together in one motion
photograph in one second. This gives a feel of how fast every moment changes at the feeder.

I call these 2 Elvis and Elisabeth. They have been here for about 3 weeks.
They eat together and sit next to each other on branches. You will notice these 2
more than any others as they seem to show off for the camera. (You can also see them last year in my albums).

They watch over each other.

2 males


...this is brendasue signing off from Rainbow Creek. See you next time!